Our system is easy, efficient, & enjoyable!

·  We are always accepting trendy, contemporary fashions that are:

In Season (Spring/Summer-March 1 to Aug 30  Fall/Winter-Sept 1 to Feb 28). No older than “2 years  and in excellent” condition.


·  We choose the items we consign based on our shopping clients needs/habits.  We have to be very selective in our process so we can keep The Closet Chick such a great place to shop!


·  Please bring your items in freshly laundered, unwrinkled with no scent, signs of wear, stains, pet hair, rips or snags, with all buttons/zippers working and  hanging on your hangers which we will return to you at your appointment. All footwear and handbags must be clean on the inside/outside and bottoms.


·  Call us to book an appointment between Tuesday – Fridays 12pm-6pm (there are no minimum or maximum number of items you can bring in as long as they match the above guidelines).


·  Our “initial selling prices” are based on a known national formula that represents what shopping customers are willing to pay for consigned items. We actively sell your items during the applicable season with top notch customer care, high level merchandising, marketing, events, promotions, specials and markdowns.


·  When we set up your account you will need to choose which of our 2 payout options you prefer:


·  50% Store Credit Option: You receive 50% of the final selling price in a store credit or gift certificate-which NEVER EXPIRES. Unsold items are at the shops discretion either re-entered for the next season OR donated to the proper charity.


·  40% Cash & Donate Option: You receive 40% of the final selling price by cheque. Unsold items are at the shops discretion either re-entered for the next season OR donated to the proper charity.


·  Note:  Items that are priced at $50 or more in our shop can be returned to you at your request….please let us know this at the time of your appointment. These items must be picked up within 30 days after the end of the season or they may be donated.


·  Note: There is a processing fee of 50 cent per item on all consigned items. This fee is taken off your first payment and not ahead of time.


·  Remember: Due to the number of consignors we have it’s your responsibility to call us at the end of the season to get your account updated so we can have your cheque ready for you when you come in to pick it up.


·  Like all Consignment Shops, we can’t be responsible for damage or loss caused by other people. We do our very best to safeguard your items. Anyone caught shoplifting in our store will be prosecuted – no exceptions!

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